The Sabrina Constellation is a nonprofit that provides financial aid to young adults attending school online because of medical needs. In honor of Sabrina Nogueira Santos (1995-2017), we aim to support students exhibiting resilience and fierce dedication to education.


Sabrina Nogueira Santos (1995-2017) was spunky, smart, and dedicated. She was sweet and kind. She was spirited and brave. Sabrina sparkled with hope, grace, and optimism, and fought as fiercely as any heroine from her beloved fantastical literary universes. Sabrina defined herself through dreams—not hardships—and planned for the future with fierce and unwavering optimism.

Sabrina had many passions and talents. She was proficient in Latin, read voraciously in her free time, and displayed a talent for journalism and prose. However, when she was born, Sabrina was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, which meant that she needed to be in and out of hospitals and medical centers with increasing regularity. As brick and mortar schooling has its inherent rigidities, online education was the most feasible venue for her to pursue academic passions. In 2013, Sabrina graduated from Stanford University’s Online High School. Online schooling was a large part of Sabrina’s life, not only because of the friends she made and the bonds she forged, but because it offered the flexibility of education that she needed.

In honor of this strong and courageous young woman, we have created The Sabrina Constellation. We wish to continue Sabrina’s tradition of spreading positivity and light, and hope that we will be able to do this inspiring individual justice.

Sabrina made the world a better place, and we are better people having known her.

She will be greatly missed.



Pallas Catenella Riedler

Co-founder * Creative Director

Pallas met Sabrina when they were both attending Stanford University OHS. They bonded over 19th-century novels, magical literary realms, and Latin homework.

Nikita Haduong


Nikita and Sabrina met in Doctor Who club at OHS. Even though they lived on opposite sides of the country, they taught each other how to knit, talked about health concerns, and confided their dreams for the future.


When Sabrina passed, we were at a loss of what to do or how to grieve. For people as shy as we are, it is hard to make friends… but it is infinitely harder to lose one, especially one like Sabrina. She was a gift and a godsend. She was always thoughtful, often spunky, and never too busy to spread cheer and kindness. She had a bright and sparkling soul, and the world seems almost unbearably dark without her. At first, the temptation was to become disillusioned with the universe, but we knew that Sabrina—with her almost superhuman ability to inspire positivity and happiness—would want her life to be celebrated instead of her loss grieved. This realization that, even from the heavens, she is able to make the world a lighter place, inspired us to honor her memory with the creation of The Sabrina Constellation.

-- Nikita & Pallas